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edu/office365. Faculty and Staff: Most computers on campus will have Microsoft Office preinstalled. For personal machines, please visit regent. edu/office365. Faculty and Staff: All computer labs on campus have Minitab installed. For other computers on campus, please install Minitab from Software Center.

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The USS Texas BB1 became the very first American battleship ever, so first also to be detailed in this post. But again, the Congress in its majority was certainly not willing to go this way. The hawks were not there yet and Mahans voice was still inaudible to the majority. The threat posed by the Brazilian ironclad Riachuelo, by then the most powerful warship on the continent, woke up the US admiralty and Congress. The New Navy was born. It would take Brazils delivery of the battleship Riachuelo in 1883 and rival Argentina and Chile own acquisitions to question US Maritime power on the western hemisphere. The USS Texas was then authorized by the congress in 1886 only to balance that gap at home, but by doing this, the New Navy has a start. More so, to be more easily accepted, the Texas was seen as a coast guard armored ship, with just two 12 in guns, rather than the usual four on European battleships, twice that tonnage and long range. The USS Maine was even planned as an armoured cruiser and indeed only carried two twin 10 in 254 mm guns but was very well armoured, between 10 and 12 in. But her construction time was nine year. So when she was in service, ACR 1 was hopelessly obsolete.

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No wonder that no one challenged the idea that terrorism was primarily a foreign threator that the solution, in the words of one expert, was more money for law enforcement!The parade of retired spies and self appointed terrorism analystsmany of whom come from government agencies that have been involved in activities that would be called terrorism under any reasonable definitionusually offered wisdom of dubious worth, such as this comment by former CIA official Donald Jameson CNN, 4/20/95: Its clear, I think, that there must almost certainly to have been a foreign origin to this, and probably one in the Middle East, although, of course, I have no facts to confirm that yetBut these sources and experts only exacerbated the mainstream medias own knee tendencies. It begins with simple stereotyping: You say bombing, they say Muslim. Heres the New York Times 4/20/95 explaining why it was likely that international terrorists had struck in Oklahoma City: Some Middle Eastern groups have held meetings there, and the city is home to at least three mosques. Is it any wonder that mosques become targets of vandalism and other hate crimes when papers like the Times treat them as evidence of terrorism?You do have a sizable Arab population in Oklahoma, said CNNs Charles Bierbauer 4/20/95. You have most unpredictable pockets. Things you would not expect but you should be alert to. One would think that CNNs senior Washington correspondent would be alert to the irresponsibility of warning his audience against entire ethnic groups.

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