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In other words, Native American women coined this moon as a time to celebrate the short strawberry season and use it as a time to cleanse: of relationships, possessions, emotional baggage whatever they perceived was no longer serving them. Due to the moon cycle, and its relationship to Saturn, there may be a heightened sense of negative emotions: guilt, shame, sadness and disappointment The Moon Deck. We shared. We wrote down what we wanted to dispose of and what we wanted to welcome into our lives, and we burned them. We saged the shit out of our troubles, and we smelled like renewal with a hint of mist and essential oils. We threw our beautiful mandala into the ocean and we left footprints in the sand only to be discovered the next day by the residents whose backyard we built our safe space in.

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More information can be found in the Resilient Teaching Playbook and in the online mini course. Additional information can be obtained from ND Learning workshops, open office hours, and individual consultations. The most pertinent information on using Zoom in Fall 2020 classes can be found in the Zoom Meetings Created for Fall 2020 Courses and Accessing, Sharing, and Customizing Your Zoom Recordings in Panopto Knowledge Base articles. To begin, we recommend reviewing the Re/Designing for Equitable Resilience section in the playbook. The Creating and Integrating Media, Worked, Example, and Screencasts chapter provides information on best practices, recommended tools, etc. for producing screencasts and worked examples. To learn more about creating learning materials for resilience, consider signing up for or reviewing a recording of the Selecting and Creating Asynchronous Content workshop. ND Learning and the OIT Teaching and Learning Technologies group offer a number of workshops on Sakai, such as "Creating Assessments in Sakai", and "Optimizing Sakai for Resilient Teaching". Additionally, the OIT has compiled many useful Knowledge Base articles on setting up and using Sakai effectively. See Workshops and Programs for the workshop schedule and recordings of previous workshops. For guidance on administering exams, please see the Assessment Planning chapter in the Preparing for Fall Teaching playbook.

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Viva our article on ?| TEAM?is awesome. I hope you can continue delivering many lot blog in the future. VivaWhen Sylvia Hubbard speaks everyone is writing down what she says!Mark Maupin say's "People Sylvia she gives her knowledge and valuable information away. She has made huge difference for anyone with book inside them. She is must see speaker and bring pen and paper. 'The Book you can write: 1. History, Education and Business of Independent Publishing 2. Creating a finished Product 3. Getting Your project Edited 4. Preparing Your product for Market Including Interior and Exterior Designing 5. Researching best printing options for your book and understand the competition 6.

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Gary Eden wrote:It is quite possible this will spell the end of credation as a credible indicator of high value marriage material. Women go where the guys are. If men, especially desirable men, cease going to college women will start looking elsewhere. I very seriously doubt that. What will happen is that girls on the whole will continue to accrue degrees and "improve themselves. " And then they'll refuse to marry down below their station. They'll do carousel and career into spinsterhood rather than trade down. Complaining every step of the way about how there aren't any suitable men for them. That's what they're already doing. Vox is dead on 100%. It's highly, highly dysgenic.

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But theyre still there. When you start paying attention, youll soon begin to recognize when a self disparaging thought Im way too old to wear a bathing suit! pops into your mind. Once youre aware of your negative body image thoughts, you then have the power to choose what you do with them: share them with others or keep them to yourself. The next time your brain says, My neck looks so old! or Look at all my ugly sun spots! make a conscious decision not to express those sentiments to anyone else. Its about not engaging in yourself, says Becker. A lot of people will say to me they cant turn it off in their heads, so you start by turning it off behaviorally, by not saying it out loud. The YWCAs Beauty At Any Cost report highlighted that more than 80% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance. To combat these widespread feelings of inadequacy, we need to speak openly with our friends, family members, and perhaps most importantly the young women we serve in our programs about the negative effects of fat talk and old talk. If your sister starts complaining about her big butt, explain to her why youre choosing not to join in. When a girl in your program asks about Botox, emphasize that there is nothing inherently wrong with having wrinkles. Creating a positive dialogue about body image will help everyone start using more self affirming language.

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