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Kohlberg and Hidden Curriculum in Moral Education: An Opportunity for Students Acquisition of Moral Values in the New Turkish Primary Education Curriculum. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, Volume 5, Issue 2, 329 338. Link: ear Olive, your experience of being terrorized in school is so common to us who were schooled by a generation of teachers who believed that learning is best achieved with the rod I guess Maam Shin agrees with me. Terrorism in schools now has taken new forms teachers have ceased to be TORMENTORS and are taking on more of the roles of a MENTOR, facilitating learning and transforming negative emotions of students into constructive attitudes Hello classmates and Maam Shin, I hope that you all are enjoying our long weekend, so far!Here are a few of my thoughts on the above post:In addition to any academic organizations declared mission vision statement of institutional curriculum, commensurate precedence should likewise be given to the hidden curriculum. As stated by the above comments, areas that manifest hidden curricula include the schools organizational structure, textbooks, school activities, etc. History Learning Site, 2012.

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The best among us are people that dont let anything get in the way of their learning process; these people make it their life motto to wake up every day and learn at least one new thing before going to bed. And these people are all around us; we are these people. Time is changing at a fast pace. Soon, you will no longer be required to join an academy or club to learn martial arts. In near future, from beginner to advanced level training, from white belt to black belt, all karate lessons and karate moves can be learned through virtual reality systems. Martial arts is a skill which originated from China.

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With an online education, you will gain as much respect as with any other college degree. Myth number three, businesses are more likely to hire a person with a traditional bachelor degreeStudies show that businesses and employers show little preference for one over another. Generally, simply having completed college is the qualifying aspect that will get you in the door. After that, your qualifications, experience, and personality will land the job. In many cases, applicants who hold an online bachelor degree will impress employers. In getting this degree, it shows that the person had the initiative and drive to gain the education needed and become more qualified for the career they wish to pursue.

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