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Remember:the co authorship of the student and supervisor often looks ridiculous andhumiliating for the supervisor. Because if the text was written by a scientist,then why would he assign a student to himself?And if a student is, well, withthe scientist who allowed this, then everything is clear too. The function ofthe supervisor is precisely in the manual, but not in the co authorship of anywork written by his student. Cases of equal scientific partnership of a studentand his supervisor, which could be considered co authorship, are extremelyrare. Scientificconferences are a wonderful celebration of science. It was at the conferencesthat the young scientist student, graduate student, young PhD gets theopportunity to present the results of his work to the scientific community.

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He was a fast learner, capable both of grasping physical technicalities and, more important, of navigating the complex political terrain that surrounds the use of nuclear power. His interest in the field expanded worldwide. By then he had found his outlet, too, and was writing for Platts, which soon hired him full time. For a while he wrote only about civil nuclear power. To anyone outside the industry it was mind numbing stuff. But beneath the surface in Europe was action of a different sort: though the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty NPT had come into force, and parallel protocols had been agreed upon to restrict the export of materials necessary for the construction of nuclear bombs, enforcement was lax, and individual companies, particularly in Germany, were eagerly doing business with a growing number of nuclear weapons aspirants.

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Based from my experience, seminarians have to live with the four core values of the seminary; Academic life, Community life, Pastoral life, and Spiritual life. The aim of four core values leads the individual seminarians to discover themselves or knowing themselves better the hidden curriculum. In my seminary experiences, I discovered and observed that theres lacking in the seminary formation curriculum which need to be improved as society change 21st century based because they are more in traditional ways. Example, in the implementation of seminarys rules and regulations is a command they are forcing seminarians to follow and live with the four core values even it is against their will parang sa pagkain na ipinipilit sayo na kainin kahit talagang or in metaphoric statement they are trying to mix water and oil, in fact, it cannot be. Personally, I realized that Im a slave in the seminary, so, I disobeyed the rules and regulations and did what I to do. Seminary is not the passion of my life. With this, Im not in the seminary to be trained as a superman, but, rather to be true to myself with freedom. After all, I was advised to leave the seminary. As Pope John XXIII quoted, When I eat alone I feel like a seminarian being punished. I tried it for one week and I was not comfortable. Then I searched through Sacred Scripture for something saying I had to eat alone.

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, M. Phil. Annamalai UniversityDepartment of EnglishSelect Papers from the National Seminar on Subaltern Literature: Resistance and ReconstructionIndian Writing in English: A Subaltern Perspective . Editor: Dr. T. DeivasigamaniBlack Writings: A Subaltern Perspective . Editor: Dr. T. DeivasigamaniEnglish Language, Literature and CultureSelect Papers of the Second National Conference on English Language, Literature and CultureKongunadu College of Engineering and Technology, Thottiyam, Tamilnadu, India . Editor: Ms. T.

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According to Hasan, Munir Ahmed Khan had taken the same complaints to the generals in charge at the time, and of course nothing had been done. Hasan used the term "traitorous" to characterize A. Q. Khan's activities. I said, "Can an activity be traitorous when the government itself is complicit, and in a country without effective law?I mean, at what point does such activity in such a place simply become a policy?" Beyond Pakistan, those aware of A. Q. A. Sang and H. Li 1996 Regulation ofbreast cancer type IV collagenase activity by laminin and laminin derivedpeptides. 13. D.

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