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am systematically going through the programme and related documents from the Youth Summit that started today in Paris and it is a treasure trove confirming that I am precisely on what has been and is going on and how it ties to the SRI work, the OECDs Great transition and Green Growth work, and little c communism for us all. To anyone who has ever called me a conspiracy theorist, these links show I am no theorist. Just an able Collusion Tracker who recognizes the implications of what I read in what are explicit declarations of intent by very connected people such as former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown or former Secretary of State Madeline Albrights daughter. Everybody wants those tax free lucrative salaries and pensions from the UN. Am I forgetting that we covered this event yet?I apologize if so. Attending will be Laszlo, Hubbard, Claudio Naranjo, Summers and many more.

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There are around 7,000 regulated markets and over 22,000 market yards in the country which are presently under some sort of regulation they are all set to become irrelevant. Do note that the bill per say doesnt ask for abolition of the mandis, but paves way for that to happen by designed incentives of operating outside of them. A very efficient mandi that does provide good service may still survive. The APMC revenue is used not only to develop mandi infrastructure, grading and sorting facilities but also for projects like rural roads. 5. COLLAPSE OF PRICING BENCHMARK and REGULATORY STRUCTURERight now, APMC pricing acts as a benchmark even for private trade a farmer selling within 100 Km of a mandi is likely to fetch better price compared to a farmer say in a tribal area who is totally cut off from the mandi.

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There are positives in that we are able to keep in touch with people all over the world, but there are negatives as well when people become withdrawn from society and focused on their digital devices. Marketers have studied this issue a lot, trying to understand whether social media ties are weaker or stronger than real world ones, for example Gilbert and Karahalios, 2010. One of the key sociocultural aspects is with respect to how social media changes our circles of friends. Jones 2013 notes that face to face communications may diminish, but total human interactions might not. Having added social interactions can ultimately be a positive impact of social media, despite the risk posed to face to face interactions, which may diminish. There are two forms of evidence that can be Social MediaFacebookFacebook is used by over a billion people, making it have the largest reach of any other social media network "The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics," 2014. User numbers increase rapidly, too. For individuals, this may not mean much but for companies, Facebook can offer unparalleled access to potential consumers. It is also easy to tailor ads to specific target demographics, and track user data including times of day users are more likely to be online "The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics," 2014. Because Facebook has a robust platform, marketers can also target ads to users based on their likes and interests, and their associations with related products or services. Gender, age, and other demographics are also easy to locate because most Facebook users connect with their friends and do not use pseudonyms or avatars.

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