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If you're presenting virtually, in a powerpoint or slide format, the story you're trying to tell the jury is critical. What's your main idea?How is your project building on that premise?Keep it simple and clear. In a virtual setting, your points need to methodically build on one another. In an in person review, jurors can scan your work as you present. The pin up wall provides an expansive display of your thinking and work throughout the semester. It's easier to connect the pieces if something isn't clear or to react to something you have exhibited for the presentation.

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Each day through the week, additional grades were to be added to that by Friday, all in school learners would be on one of the two campuses of Arlington Memorial Middle and High School or Fisher Elementary across the street. "Although the schools look and feel different as a result of our responses to COVID 19 precautions, our schools have been diligent in their commitment to ensuring a strong and healthy start to our school year," Wilcox said. "We were very pleased with how seamless the new procedure went this morning," Wilcox said Tuesday. "Students arrived on time, masked up and socially distanced when necessary. Overall it was a great first day in Arlington. "Students at Scottsbluff Public Schools will return to the classroom for the next school year, according to a recent announcement released by the district.

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Dennison, 24 How. 66, 16 L. Ed. 717. The duty to see to it that the laws are faithfully executed cannot be brought under legal compulsion. State of Mississippi v. Johnson, 4 Wall. 475, 18 L. Ed. 437. Violation of the great guaranty of a republican form of government in States cannot be challenged in the courts.

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Consequently, social networking sites or social media are based on certain principles that the corporate or business environment can learn from. There is an assumption that the widespread adoption of social media in people's personal lives can be moved to the professional environment where they can be used to develop unprecedented knowledge bases in which people, industries, and the society can be empowered. However, many businesses still consider social media and social networking sites tools as frivolous to an extent that they have prohibited their use in the working environment. Actually, these companies still Keeping a diverse yet well focused identity across social media platforms yet tactically choosing those platforms that are of true resource advantage to enterprises is again a complex and continuous process, but one that is vital to modern businesses. espite the recognized importance of social media marketing and the known difficulties of establishing how to effectively engage in these efforts, many businesses do not even attempt to gauge the effects of their social media marketing efforts Michaelidou et al. , 2011. The teachers in higher education sector should be fully engaged, so that quality teaching can be imparted to the students. Thus, engagement of the teachers is an important consideration for all the higher educational institutions. Barman A. and Saikat R. , 2011 "Faculty Engagement in Higher Educational Institution A proposed model", Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education, ISSN: 2066 7329 print, ISSN: 2067 9270 electronic, Year 3, No.

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