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The keyword meta tag is believed one of the LEAST recognized meta tag by search engines. It carries very little weight when it comes to search engine optimization. However, it is not ignored by all engines. For example, through my own experiment, I have used a single keyword like spaloof which means nothing that had very little if any results when searching for it. After being indexed, SearchBliss had appeared at the top of MSN. The keyword was NO where else on SearchBliss. Only in the keyword meta tag. This says to me that some search engines DO give the keyword meta tag some weight. So as a result, I still use the keyword meta tag. I suggest adding your target keywords 3 to 4 times without REPEATING THE SAME TERM. This is viewed as spam.

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Nevertheless, this approach to language learning was short lived and, only a generation later, gave place to the Direct Method, posited by Charles Berlitz. The basic tenet of Berlitzs method was that second language learning is similar to first language learning. In this light, there should be lots of oral interaction, spontaneous use of the language, no translation, and little if any analysis of grammatical and syntactic structures. Mold: teacher corrects student if necessary, pointing to mouth to show proper shaping of lips, tongue and relationship to teeth. Ask and reply in negative: teacher uses element in negative situations e. g.

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You can read the book on any device or computer by downloading a free Kindle Reading App. If you need one, youll see a link right there on ANY Kindle book page, below the buy box. I am delighted for you to repost this review on your blog or website. You are most welcome to republish this review following standards established by best practice and This is true of any blog post, by the way. You must use the permalink for the specific post, which is the direct article link, also called the original article source. You must include my byline and author information, or I shall come after you.

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They had great difficulty in getting him out, but at last succeeded, and arrived at the camp before dark. A short time before that, another horse got into a very deep and rapid channel of the river, the top of the banks projecting so much that he could not get out, and the gum trees having fallen across both above and below him, he was completely fixed. We endeavoured to get him out, but it got so dark that we could not see him, and the rope breaking that we were pulling him out by, he got his head under water, and was drowned in a moment. We then found that the cause of the rope breaking was that he had got one of his hind feet entangled in a sunken tree. It being now so dark we can do no more to night, and have left him in the water until daylight. Wind, south east. Tuesday, 5th August, The Katherine. Leaving the knocked up horse behind, proceeded to the Fanny, and camped. It was as much as I could do to sit in the saddle this distance. Wind, south. Wednesday, 6th August, The Fanny.

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