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WATCH THIS!Lisa Summers 2009What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history. SOUL TALK A River Whose Streams Make Glad Beside Still Waters Coping With Change How Reincarnation Plays Out In Life Living The Lords Prayer The Ascended Masters presently serving Earth humans are largely those Souls that lived numerous lives on Planet Earth . successfully completed the Initiatory Process as demonstrated to us by Jesus during his last incarnation on Earth and by which he achieved ascension to higher levels of consciousness. They are our elder brothers and sisters in whose footsteps we are to follow by graduating from Planet Earth's Schoolhouse. In the words of Elizabeth Claire Prophet in her book CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN: The Path of The Higher Self: "Those who become Ascended Masters are immediately enlisted in world service as emissaries of the Most High. Whereas before the ascension, they were instruments of the Holy Spirit at outer levels, they now function as His instruments at 'inner levels,' using the combined Light momentum of all other Ascended Beings to implement the plan of God Above and Below. Their ministrations mightily assist their unascended brothers and sisters in finding their divine plan and in humbling themselves before their own Divine Identity. " Study the Divine Self Chart below. We presently reside in a physical body bottom of the chart the only part of our selves that we can see with our physical eyes. In truth, there is much more to our identity than our physical body. Note the silver cord rising from our crown chakra top of head upward to the next two figures connecting the three into one being YOU.

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You may read this article at: http://ramon k jusino. tripod. com/magdalene. htmlLady Master Nada is very much involved with the initiation and sponsoring of Twin Flames and the Aquarian Age family. She also assists professionals of all types who are serving the needs of God's children. Nada serves in Jesus' Etheric Retreat over Saudi Arabia. She uses her experience as an attorney and judge on Atlantis as she serves on the Karmic Board. "I AM not only your Mother but your very personal friend. I ask you to take my hand, to take me to your home, to accept me as your friend not as a remote deity, an icon, or an object of irreverence, but simply as the handmaid of the Lord. Whose Lord?Your Lord. I AM the servant of the Lord who lives within you.

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; Sanmartn, J. 2013. Speed and road accidents: behaviors, motives, and assessment of the effectiveness of penalties for speeding . American Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 13, pp. 58 64. Felipo, V. ; Urios, A. ; Valero, P. M.

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VA healthcare: failure for many. Opioid crisis: failure. War on poverty: failure. Paying our bills and not bankrupting children of the future: abject failure. The list is endless. We can predict with 99. 999% certainty that fee and dividend will be just one more failure of government. 18 TimoOne other thing the future magnitude of CC problems is not settled science. And when someone on the right points this out, folks such as yourself like to say that person on the right has done so much to distort and politicise science. Your words, not mine. Just this month, climate scientists are struggling to model complex real world systems:he question does not mean they dont believe in CC, its just that the magnitude of CC effects is not settled because its a complex system.

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At the regular daily COVID 19 press briefing, Premier Alden McLaughlin said that while they had been ordered, he could not say when this massive number of kits, which will allow everyone in Cayman to be tested, would get here. Governor Martyn Roper said he had hoped that they would be on the British Airways flight coming next week but this will not be possible. Moving anything around the world at the moment is incredibly challenging, he noted, explaining that there was not enough time to get the kits from South Korea on the BA flight and they now had to work out how to get them here. However, when they do arrive, it could prove a game changer for how Cayman manages the coronavirus outbreak here. However, another 1,700 kits are expected from the UK on the BA flight next week, which will enable public health to begin testing health workers, other front line government personnel and essential workers, such as supermarket staff. Dr Lee confirmed that CTMH Doctors Hospital is expected to begin COVID 19 testing soon, having secured a testing machine, which is bigger that the one acquired by HSA so it will be able to do even more tests than the government hospital. Given the ongoing shortage of test kits, which government officials say they are desperate to address, only 265 people have been tested so far. Of those, 28 samples have been confirmed as positive. This includes the first sample of a suspected community transmission here, which has finally been confirmed as positive by CARPHA, after the testing here was inconclusive. Three more were also community transmissions, but Doctor Lee said this still not widespread because these transmissions are largely confined to people in the same families and households. He said that four of the five new cases reported Thursday all came from the same household where the virus was first detected in someone who had previously been overseas.

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