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, Carbon, M. , Niethammer, M. , Ulug, A. M. , Voss, H. U. S. Right to Know is an investigative public health group working globally to expose corporate wrongdoing and government failures that threaten the integrity of our food system, our environment and our health. You can donate here to our investigations and sign up for our weekly newsletter. Covid 19 is exposing serious problems with our food system. In this post, U.

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We followed a gently used trail down the cliffs and to the water's edge, the rocks changing from coarse sandpaper to something with the texture of ice. It was difficult to keep our footing, but eventually we made it, camera in tow. It's easy to see why this bay is beloved: It's hard for tourists to scamper down. At the volcanic shoreline, I stood on a black rock, waves crashing at my feet, and called out to the surfers. It felt like a scene out of a bad romantic comedy. "We're doing a story .

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Yes, if for whatever reason it was decided to move email back on premises we would be able to migrate email back to Exchange environment with no disruption to users. Regarding the potential for cost increases, O365 is provided based on our Microsoft Campus Agreement along with other Microsoft services the University relies on, so the cost is already being paid and any changes would entail changes to more than just email. Also, adoption of cloud services is not new territory for the University of Waterloo, as the institution has moved 50% of its major information systems to the cloud, and approximately 25% of small systems. As such, there is a significant history and understanding of the changes this model brings, and based on our experience, it is unlikely that license costs would drastically increase over time. The University of Waterloo acknowledges that much of our work takes place on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. Our main campus is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes six miles on each side of the Grand River.

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And you have to take into account that you probably won't be driving in scientifically controlled conditions, so who knows what kind of elements might reduce tread performance. Graded AA, A, B, or C from highest to lowest, respectively, this is a measure of the tire's stopping ability on wet pavement. This doesn't take into account turning performance or any vehicle based stopping performance, and is yet another test done under scientifically controlled situations, so it's really just a comparison rating. Resistance to heat and ability to dissipate heat are important because tires are constantly under friction which, as any physicist knows, creates heat, and surrounded by even more friction brakes on wheels, for instance. The grades from highest to lowest are A, B, and C, with C being the minimum required performance under federal safety standards. This entry was posted in Fitment and tagged all season tires, dot code, l. a. wheel and tire, lawheel, lawheel. com, maximum load for tires, maximum pressure for tires, rubber manufacturers association, temperature, tire service designations, traction, treadwear, uniform tire quality grading system, utqgs, wheel and tire fitment on October 15, 2014 by L. A. Wheel and Tire.

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4%, outpacing the SandP 500s 6. 7% return and Nasdaqs 4. 4% return. But experts warn that the surge in global terrorist attacks, fears about the Zika virus, weak corporate earnings growth and other factors could trigger a sharp pullback in hotel bookings this year. And this, they say, could cause the sectors stellar fundamentals to unravel and even turn negative over the next two years. A report, released this week from Fitch Ratings, appears to back up this doom and gloom scenario: Its predicting hotel occupancy will fall in 2016. And if historic trends are any indication, this would mean the industrys RevPAR which measures room rate and occupancy growth will slow significantly in 2017 and turn negative in 2018. Occupancy is usually the first thing to go, and then rates follow suit six to 12 months after that, said Stephen Boyd, a senior director of real estate and leisure at Fitch Ratings. The last time RevPAR revenue per available room flipped negative was at the height of the recession in 2009, when it plunged 16. 6%. Corporate Americas sluggish earnings growth poses the biggest threat, as companies tend to rein in spending on corporate business travel when theyre looking for ways to chop costs.

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