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Broad spectrum antipathogenic agent; antiviral, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, Immunomodulating components hydrolysis product molecularly split by water decompose between 145 degrees C and 147 degrees C. Appearance and Odor: light yellow brown liquid, very mild odor. GENERAL: This product is stable. Hazardous polymerization will not occur. Refrigeration of extract will increase length of stability. Capsules do not need refrigeration.

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12 Sub domains and tag scraper fixed in social network and other modules1 Goarticles error fixed2 Article downloaded message fixed3 Calculate button fixed4 Html styles and errors removed5 GSA module settings fixed6 Content scraper module has two main functions added select 3 4 articles and click on instant spin to spin those articles together and double click on any article to open it in wac spinner7 Builder settings max field checked and saved8 Spin all button added to auto build to spin all the articles together9 SE method added Scrape google and yahoo for articles This gives much more articles10 Relevancy added Check how many times your keyword comes in the article11 website list increased from 7 to 3612 Insensitive unwanted and relevancy added13 WAC will auto login and check for updates too. So now you will get updates much faster. 14 Google adsense and analytics code removed15 Remove lines more than a specific length feature added16 Number of threads now under your control17 WAC upgrades won't remove your settings now1 Line spinning now introduced Which means more uniqueness but more lines are needed. 2 Image scraper adult sources removed javascript errors3 Login screen previous version error4 Dedicated and public proxies support added login retries improved5 GSA Export code re written. Please try now and let me know if it works6 Auto Build variations bug fixed7 Builder settings max field checked and saved8 %LINKS% tag adjusted in line spinning mode9 Settings can now be exported and imported10 Senuke modules fixed Variations bug removed11 BMD tags and title fields changed12 Proxy loading verification added Wrong format gives error13 Sentence now first breaks at "!" and "?" and then ". "14 Duplicates removal made blazing fast15 Content scraper HTTP errors fixed. 16 3 more sites added to wac main scraper so now you will get more articles for less ips1 Random number of lines and paras in each article2 Multiple %LINKS% tag in each article3 Youtube problem fixed forever Now whenever it changes all you need is the tag in settings4 Senuke module changed to social network, article directories and press releases5 Ability to add a list to any article in social network or auto build window. This list is created from downloaded content only6 Ability to add sub headings These are title builder titles but work great7 Add as many images and videos you want using tools tab in auto build window each page will give different results8 Social network module gets tags, sub domains and titles by itself9 Replace link tag by your HTML link tag in auto build and social network window10 GSA module added for WAC Generate each major field like article, comments and description automatically Supports translation1 Content Scraper has been fixed2 Senuke, AMR and BMD magic tools are fixed3 Author Bio feature added4 API access enabled to access article from the database5 TBS database can now be used without any license requirement of TBS6 Youtube and Yahoo image scraper fixed7 HTML Magic and Auto Build bugs fixed8 DB Magic feature added9 Goarticles scraper engine fixed10 Settings window now has individual setting for each module1 Auto Build algo changed to dataset 2 WAC HTML Magic updated 3 Relevancy tab made faster 4 Content scraper mouse problem fixed 5 Image scraper changes made6 Super Spun module implemented 7 2 Form resizing problems fixed3 Progres Bar display problems fixed1 Load more replaced with number of pages2 WAC Magic Wizards added3 Removed HTML garbage content4 One Click content creation made much simpler5 WAC Title Builder module added6 Author Box / About Me section added7 Youtube Video Spin problem fixed8 PDF, DOC Export problems fixed9 Un Spin and Multi Generate modules addedWAC released in 2011 Dec with the ability to download articles and then create highly spun articles which were upto 99% unique and passed copyscape and have no hard time getting indexed. This program is excellent, probably the best content app money can buy at the moment, I have not found anything as simple and fast, all you need is a KW to launch an entire campaign. Its amazement. Straight to the point,this tool is simply great.

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Catedral de Brasliaurbanismo/disciplinas/aup0179/Bases Aup0179/Nk Quadra Copan. jpg COPAN Cathedral de So SebastioI suggest the Wiesmann Manufactory in Duelmen Germany: my media/1/1/Manufaktur/Bildergalerie Manufaktur/ tn/743 2112 0 manufaktur galerie 02. jpgLiverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King iverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. jpgGreat stuff. Heres another one. El Paso Convention Center. Supposedly looks like a sombrero. I always thought it looked like a roller coaster. I really enjoyed this buildings so much , and I WISH TO SHOW EVERYONE MY BUILDING WHICH I DESIGNED IN MY LAST YEAR COLLEGE IN ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY,DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE WITH GRADE EXCELLENT . IT WAS AQURIUM IN RAS MOHAMED , SOUTH SINI , EGYPTDefinitivamente la arquitectura es maravillosa unida con la ingenieria civil eestan muy bonitas las imagenesThese are amazing!I just spent an hour looking through them and looking up information on the ones I found the most fascinating. Thanks for the compilation!Great work of art,but there are much more of selection in tis series like Gugenhime musum in new york or George pompideu centre in Paris also Habitat in Montreal.

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Breeding Brochis splendens by Don Kinyon uploaded January 01, 2002General information on spawning this species. Breeding L147 by Janne Ekstrm uploaded January 01, 2002Apparently the first documented spawning of this attractive pleco. An in depth article with plenty of images too. Spawning Hypancistrus zebra by Kevin Korotev uploaded January 01, 2002An in depth article on spawning this enigmatic species. Spawning, Embryo and Fry Development in Farlowella vittata by Bruce Brethauer uploaded January 01, 2002Breath taking close up photography compliments this account of multiple Twig Catfish spawning. Successful spawning of the wonderful WanderWels, Clarias batrachus by Wolfgang Ros uploaded January 01, 2002An in depth account of the spawning of the walking catfish with many instructive photos. Spawning, Embryo and Fry Development in Sturisoma aureum by Bruce Brethauer uploaded January 01, 2002Once again, superb close up photography compliments this account of spawning. The Dwarf Sucker, Otocinclus vestitus by Paul Kjrland uploaded January 01, 2002Information and pictures on the simple and successful spawning of this diminutive delight. Spawning Synodontis multipunctatus and S. lucipinnis by Jerry Miranda uploaded January 01, 2002A pictorial account of the spawning of these two Tanganyikan species including adult fry and spawning shots. Also with an article with thoughts on the spawning of the former.

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