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According to skeptics, the Bibles classification of bats as birds represents one of the scientific difficulties in the Bible Petrich, 1990. Such categorization is supposedly an obvious contradiction between the Bible and Science Khalil, 2007. Since the bat, is, of course, a mammal, not a bird, McKinsey listed Leviticus 11:19 as a superb verse to use. to take enlightenment to the biblically benighted 1995, pp. 744,14, emp. added; see also McKinsey, 2000, p. 213. Was Moses, who was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds Acts 7:22, so uninformed that he could not tell the difference between bats and birds?Was the God, Whom the Bible claims created bats and birds, unable to classify them properly?How is this not an obvious contradiction between the Bible and Science, as Ibrahim Khalil asserted?The elementary answer to these questions is simply that God did not classify animals 3,500 years ago according to our modern classification system. As far back as Creation, God has divided animals into very basic, natural groups. He made aquatic and aerial creatures on day five and terrestrial animals on day six Genesis 1:20 23,24 25. Similarly, in the first 23 verses of Leviticus 11, God divided the creatures into land animals 11:2 8, animals that are in the water 11:9 12, birds 11:13 19, and flying insects 11:20 23.

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8m Q: I have a young man who left for a year to go to work with youth internationally and he's back and thinking about volunteering. Does he need to wait 6 months?I believe he grew up in our organization, and I have a file for him already because he volunteered in the pastA: We do not think it is necessary to ask the individual to wait an additional six months, but because he has been gone for a length of time we would recommend that you screen him again i. e. interview, current references, and a new police record check. He should also take the annual refresher training to remind him of your protocols and procedures. If so, what should be included in the training?A: According to insurance companies, to qualify for abuse coverage, the following requirements are stated:Training for all staff members and volunteers who regularly work with vulnerable persons to assist in the prevention of abuse through the following means:Yes, we strongly recommend that all staff and volunteers in a position of trust participate in annual refresher training.

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When a tank is uncovered for pumping additional critical details may be observed before the pumping operationSteel tanks typically last 20 25 years, then rust, and collapse. Before this time steel baffles may rust off damaging the drain field with sludge or the tank top may become rusty and unsafe. Since steel tank tops can be replaced while leaving the old tank in place, the condition of the top itself is not a reliable indicator of tank condition. Rusting steel tank covers can cause death!Rusted covers can collapse. I have reports of children and adults who have died from this hazard, as recently as December 1997. In 2000 I consulted in a fatality involving an adult falling into a cesspool. At a building inspection I myself stepped through a hidden, rusted through steel septic tank cover. Falling into a septic tank, drywell, or cesspool is quickly fatal, either from being buried by falling soils and debris, or by asphyxiation. Septic gases are highly toxic and can kill in just minutes of exposure. Even leaning over an empty just pumped tank has led to collapse and fatality of a septic pumper. Steel tank bottoms rust out permitting effluent to leak into soils around the tank, possibly giving a large void in tank at time of testing, thus subverting a loading or dye test.

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Recently, while in drought hit Latur to oversee the relief work being done by his Art of Living, Ravi Shankar said this in Hindi Nowadays, there is no value to the Nobel Prize. When you award it to a 16 year old girl who hasnt done anything, what value is left?It has become a political prize. . By the way he also reportedly said, he once rejected the award himself but lets leave that out of our present debate Art of Living has already issued statements denying this, and have said that Ravi Shankar was misquoted . While most of internet is making fun of Ravi Shankar, we thought it would be appropriate to view both sides of the argument together and avoid getting unnecessary judgemental. I had missed reading the reaction to this statement by Ravi Shankar on internet and I am sure the TV channels are shouting about this too; I dont watch much News on TV, so wouldnt know for sure. But I saw the below post by Amrutash few hours ago, and it nicely explains why Ravi Shankar might sound rude and demeaning, but is probably saying the truth. I have described in some detail Malalas achievements till she won the award, in the counter view section below, but let me offer a quick summary here. Between the age of 11 and 15 she kept speaking up against Talibans ban on girls going to schools and other such restrictions in Swat Valley of Pakistan her home. She started appearing on TV as a child activist and wrote blogs about the issue regularly. Her activism made her famous enough to get nominated for the 2011 Childrens Peace Prize and the winner of Pakistans National Youth Peace Prize the same year she was just 14 years old then.

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