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htm". The articles relate to supernatural, weird, alternative or forgotten versions of history and other subjects and of course, articles I find interesting even if they are not "alternatives" : . One of the best "alternative" I have ever read is "The book of the damned", written by Charles Fort. It has been said that you may start doubting your sanity after reading the book. In my opinion, it is a must read book and worth some thought; you may agree or disagree with his conclusions, but you will certainly come to know of many interesting facts about the world we live in the facts which established science just chooses to ingnore may be because it has no answers yet. The reason I am providing only the links is the prohibitive cost of increasing bandwidth for my site. During the last two years the no. of visitors to my site has been increasing steadily and I have been upgrading my hosting packages. If you find this page interesting enough bookmark this page or add to the favourites list in your browser. Keep visiting this page as I will keep adding items to this page as and when I find them. If you feel like saying something to me sans abuse, of course, as these articles are not mine, please write to me at the email id given at the bottom of the page.

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1 liberal arts college while Amherst and Swarthmore came in second and third. As usual, none of these results are surprising. The percentage of Americans who care about this rankings ritual is quite small. Affluent parents are the most likely to pour over the results of this annual collegiate beauty contest if they have high achieving teenagers who attend exclusive private high schools or public schools in wealthy areas. The self induced stress that high achievers and their parents experience as they contemplate what will happen if they don't get into one of the rankings powerhouses can be debilitating and, frankly, over the top. Most of the nation's college bound teenagers don't give a hoot about the likes of Princeton or Williams. The vast majority of students will attend community colleges or regional state universities less than 100 miles away from their homes. But while the collegiate beauty contest isn't relevant to most families, U. S. News' rankings have hurt millions of college bound students, who have become collateral damage in the rankings arms race. The rankings have encouraged very bad behavior from schools that are attempting to claw their way up to a better rankings perch.

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Study Abroad is one thing that every student's dreams about, as it offers immense exposure and also add to the confidence of the students. Australia is not only a stunning holiday location but it is also one of the popular countries to study. Study Abroad in Australia is a better opportunities for fresher's holding their bachelors and getting study visa for Australia for your better future. Know the benefits you can get while selecting Australia as a study abroad destination. Also, know about the Best universities based on quality, demand and value in Australia. Our training program is specially designed for Under Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals, Freelancers, Housewives, and Entrepreneurs. We provide end to end learning on Digital Domain with deeper dives for Creating a winning career for every profile. Innovative ideas are really important to make you different from others. Digiperform involves innovative ideologies for imparting knowledge and skills to our trainees in depth way. The quality of training is the key foundation of any institute. We are highly concerned towards quality.

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Aside from recreation and competition, skiing has been used for military purposes, Adventure Tours and travelling in areas that experience heavy snowfall. Until about 1860 skiing was primarily used for practical transport purposes in snow rich areas, from around 1860 skiing for recreation, exercise and competition was introduced. Many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation. Trekking in India is a part of adventure travel, It involves visits to remote areas, lodging in tents and minimal accommodation. It is done for adventure and expedition. Famous trekking places in India are ladakh, zanskar valley, nubra valley, Trekking of Indian Himalaya. A resort town is a town or area where tourism or vacationing is a primary component of the local culture and economy. Most resort towns have one or more actual resorts in or nearby, although some places are considered resort towns merely because of their popularity among tourists such as Bangalore Resorts, Chikamagalur Resorts. Typically, the economy of a resort town is geared almost entirely towards catering to tourists, with most residents of the area working in the tourism or resort industry. Shops and luxury boutiques selling locally themed souvenirs, motels, and unique restaurants often proliferate the downtown areas of a resort town. weather the walking dead the walking dead Walking Dead Season 3 Richard III Superbowl Commercials 2013 Grammy nominations 2013 I scream and cluck with hookteeth and I keep ice on hand for recipients of jeysiec's sick burns but I don't actually hand it out because I'm too busy throwing popcorn at said recipients.

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