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Getting used, later, to handwritten is very easy. Besides, in computer era, hand written alphabet is becoming evermore obsolete. Student should get grammar and vocabulary, the rest will come. We believe a more important skill is to be able to form sentences from words, and to decompose a heard sentence back to basic units. We devote significant part of lessons to translating phrases, underlining the differences in sentence wise thinking between english and hebrew, and then the student hears the translated sentence he just created himself, learning to decompose fluent hebrew speech. Words should be learned according to their importance in hebrew. True, but not only that: complexity of the word should be taken into consideration relative to the native language of the student, as well as its normality vs. exceptionness, and its subjective link to the student. For example, word like 'super' colloquial of supermarket may not be most urgent to learn, neither is it most simple but: since it takes no effort to remember, and since it actually encourages the student giving him the illusion other words are just as easy, and since it's a convenient word in fabricating practicing sentences, and since it can demonstrate and support grammatical rules whereas most important words tend to be exceptions, only confusing student to summarize, we believe much thought should be put into order of vocabulary to be taught. Exercises should be exercicing last lesson' material. We believe it should equally use the material of last 2 3 lessons, to keep it alive, and sampling bits of material from long ago to renew the forgotten so that every word will be exercised at much later stage, as well.

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672. ; Rodrigo, M. F. ; Ballestar, M. L. ; Sanmartn, J. 1988. The University of Valencia's computerized word pool. Behavior Research Methods Instruments and Computers, Vol. 20, Num. 4, pp.

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