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Don't believe us?Then let's imagine where we'd be if Sesame Street never existed. For one thing, television itself might be a "vast wasteland. " That was the phrase FCC chairman Newton Minow used to describe the TV landscape in 1961, and children's TV was hardly exempt. As recounted in Street Gang, a new book by TV journalist Michael Davis, the show came about after Lloyd Morrisett, an experimental psychologist, walked into his living room and found his 3 year old daughter mesmerized by the TV test pattern. He told that story at a dinner party several weeks later and wondered aloud if children might be able to learn something from the tube. It seems like a crazy question in our Baby Einstein world, but back then, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, we didn't know what we didn't know. When Sesame Street arrived, scientists were just discovering that our brains were not fully formed at birth and could be affected by early experiences. Head Start began in 1965, in part, out of that revelation. "Educators were virtually ignoring the intellect of preschool children," says Joan Ganz Cooney, who threw that dinner party and has been the show's visionary since the beginning. Children would eat up the ABCs before kindergarten, Cooney believed, especially if a wacky puppet ate up alphabet shaped cookies along with them. The Department of Education was skeptical.

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It also has pictures of some of the past graduating classes, and lists the Principles of Saegertown High School, 1888 to 1950. Saegertown Senior Class of 1931, Olive Mae Forman, editor, Interesting Bits of Crawford County History, Text and ads from local supporters, 24 pages. Sargent, M. P. , Pioneer Sketches Scenes and Incidents of Former Days. Thrilling scenes and incidents, fierce encounters with Indians and wild beasts, early privations of the American Pioneers, biographical sketches of many early settlers. Hardbound, Illustrated by Goddard, under the personal supervision of the author, 512 pages, Herald Printing and Publishing Company, Limited, Erie, Pa. 1891. Sherretts, Joshua F. , Images of America Around Saegertown. Pictures with cations that tell the story.

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Satan' and company. 8 Even further on down the track, was there was some sort of a falling out between God' and His followers and the other gods' for control over humanity?If so, God' and hangers on win monotheism comes to the fore. Discussion: Well there's no disputing that once upon a time, polytheism ruled the world; today monotheism tends to hold sway. Translated, in those ancient polytheistic times the gods' ruled, but in later times, our beloved monotheistic God' ruled heaven and Earth. If God' were once just one of the boys, just one of the gods' then there must have been some sort of falling out, even if there's no documentation to that effect that I'm aware of. Of course a non existent God' might have won the hearts and minds of humanity by default. The supporters of monotheism had a good PR operation going!9 However, God' assuming His reality and His minions have a falling out in turn a house divided against itself. This is where Satan' and followers tell God' and followers to take a long walk off a short pier. Ultimately, God' proves to have the force' be with Him. Discussion: Well there's no disputing the Biblical tall tales that document' some sort of domestic disagreement between God' and some sort of entity we call today Satan'. If you believe those Biblical tall tales, the end result of that domestic dispute, Armageddon, isn't in fact in dispute.

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Dave Hail, the executive director of the OU Alumni Association, said the bricks or pavers as the organization calls them enable alumni to leave a record of their time at OU. The program was started in the early 2000s when the Conoco Student Leadership Wing of the Union was opened, Hail said. The program allows alumni and friends to purchase a paver to be engraved with their name and graduation year to commemorate their time on campus and recognize them as alums of the university, Hail said. The courtyard has space for 6,000 pavers and around 1,500 1,800 have already been engraved, Hail said. The bricks are made out of a particular kind of limestone, and require a special contractor to do the engraving. Because of this, new pavers are added to the courtyard only a few times a year. Its a really natural, human thing to want to leave your mark on a place where youve spent time, and I think a lot of people who have that instinct recognize or appreciate something that OU did for them and I think that its an opportunity for them to have a piece of themselves permanently on our campus forever, Hail said. In a lot of cases, we are sharing experiences that generations of OU students and OU graduates had while they were here, Hail said. So, when you look down and see a name and a degree and the year 1985, theres some sort of remarkable kinship that you can say, This person was here during this time and went through some things Im going through, too. This university is kind of a living thing, Hail said. Beyond just the circumstances of whatever current time were in, whether its now or before or in the future, we recognize that the people make up this university .

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You don't want to shut up and hookup, you want to go out to dinner. You want to date. That is doing wonders for monogamy. Trust me, if you're sick of the meaningless bar crawling and hooking up, and genuinely want to meet someone, online dating is the way to go. Give it a whirl. What have you got to lose?embedthis, html, undefined, 'top', ; ;Review Down to somewhat of a Sunless SeaDown to a Sunless Sea, Mathias B. Freese, 2007, ISBN 9781587367335This is a group of simple stories, some previously published, on a variety of subjects, but with an overall, general theme. There are a couple of tales about growing up in post World Warfare II Brooklyn. In one of those stories, a couple of kids want to begin an after school shoeshine stand, to bring in a few greenbacks. The father of one of the boys totally forbids this thing. Until the son is old enough to getting a job, the father believes, the only thing on his mind could be education.

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