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Back in the early 1900s, several of them made the mistake of assuming, wrongly, that they were in the railroad business. If they had correctly surmised that they were in the transportation business instead, perhaps they would not have dismissed blossoming trucking or airline technologies so readily as mere fads. So it appears that Disney gets it. They get that theyre in the entertainment business, and by embracing what technology and social media has brought to the ballgame, Disney is putting itself in an excellent position to avoid the fate of railroads and buggy whip manufacturers of years gone by. OK, well stipulate that Facebook has become sort of the Goliath of Internet communications. But if Facebook is Goliath, then who is David?The study was published by Prompt Communications, and it surveyed 300 Boston consumers about how they communicate with friends, family and associates in everyday life. It revealed that Facebook has outpaced email as a primary means of communication, with 96% of respondents reporting they use Facebook to reach out, compared to 91% who rely on email. That separation may not suggest a giant versus child sort of spread, but it does uncover further evidence that the social media wave is clearly at high tide. And with users spending over 700 billion minutes per month interacting on Facebook, theres an awful lot of opportunity for engaging potential customers and promoting brand awareness on the site. Perhaps thats why two thirds of comScores top 100 US websites have integrated with Facebook. One of those firms, Disney online, has become quite active with its Facebook integration, choosing to embrace the fact that there are over twice as many Facebook apps as there are iPhone apps.

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Because Im going to explain why fonts are overrated and what actually matters for readability. How can we include as many people as possible when designing graphic communication and information, and how do we not unnecessarily exclude people?This paper identifies easily misrecognised letters and symbols in highly legible typefaces for general, children, dyslexic, visually impaired and ageing readers. It can also be considered as a review of related research in this area. Responsible animation only starts when requested, can be paused, and avoids using known seizure and migraine triggers. The Trace Center's Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool PEAT is a free, downloadable resource for developers to identify seizure risks in their web content and software. Some best practices on creating more accessible and inclusive email campaigns, routinely ranked as one of the worlds most valuable marketing channels, yet very little work has been done to make it more accessible for under represented groups. Accessibility is a term that gets thrown around a lot in web design, but what does it mean for email marketing?It comes down to some simple changes you can make in your content to remove barriers for subscribers with disabilities. This guide will walk you through a checklist of over thirty improvements you can make to your emails to make sure theyre as accessible as possible. Were passionate about helping email developers and marketers create and send emails that every subscriber can read and understand, regardless of whether they have a visual impairment or disability. It only takes a few small steps to make your emails more accessible for all of your subscribers. In this post, well discuss what those steps are and how they can make email better for everyone.

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4 percent. But hey, its not like they were complaining: Until someone told them they were being brazenly cheated, they were happy with their bond service. And besides, its not like ordinary people understand this stuff anyway. So how is it the place of some busybody federal prosecutor to waltz in here and say whats a fair price?This story has been brought to you by the letter S and the numbers 15 and 40. Or, as the Count might say in his adorable Transylvanian accent, "fivteen and forrrtyHA, HA, HA!" The S, as anyone who has ever watched television can deduce by now, stands for Sesame Street. The 40 is almost as easy: this year marks the 40th anniversary of sunny days, friendly neighbors and the fuzzy creatures who live on that street where the air is sweet. If you haven't watched recently with your children or grandchildren, you'll be relieved to know that impending middle age hasn't wrinkled Sesame Street all that much. Big Bird still waddles, Cookie Monster still goes on his sugar binges and Ernie still wakes up Bert at all hours with questions none of them, mercifully, about the nature of their relationship. In a world where cultural touchstones are dropping faster than the Mets in Septembersorry, Guiding Light fansthe endurance of Sesame Street is nothing short of a miracle. Story continued below. Which brings us to that second number of the day: 15.

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If I took you and threw you in a locked room and fed you bread and water for a month, you'd definitely lose weight. A lot of it. travler04, you cannot change the laws of physics no matter how many times you want to say it is genetic. you are overweight because you eat more than you burn. PCOS does come with a lot of issues, but the bottom line is that you are not controlling something. Probably food intake. Think about it. If you were controlling your food intake you wouldnt need the surgery. All bariatric surgery does is limit the amount of food you can ingest at one time. I'm sorry for your condition, but you have other issues. Good luck with the surgery.

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28, no. 1, 2012, pp. 51 55. Some journal articles are accessible online without the use of a database. Citing an online journal article not found in a database requires that you cite the website that you used to access the article as the second container. Do not include the https:// in the web address. Last, First M. Article title. Journal Title. Series vol. , no.

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