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How that plays out around the state depends on several factors in Montana's funding formula, but it's safe to say that districts with fewer students get less money. Elysian, a K 8 district on Billings' far West End that's been riding an enrollment rocketship in recent years, decreased from about 410 to 380 students. That includes almost 30 students who were enrolled in the district last year and opted for homeschooling this year. In normal year, that would be difficult. This year, extra costs for coping with COVID 19 compound any financial problems. Districts got two rounds of federal stimulus money, but there's widespread uncertainty about any future funding, and education advocacy groups have questioned whether the stimulus money will cover district's increased costs. At Elysian, that money has been spent because of increased costs for operating both in person and remote learning tracks. He echoed hopes from education advocacy groups that the homeschool shift will be temporary and those students will return to public schools, assuming the pandemic is brought under control. Taylor, the OPI budget expert, said that there is a mechanism to include some students who may return during the spring in final ANB counts. If some of those students are returning, some of this decline might be, I dont want to say minimized, but buffered, he said. That would be a best case scenario for schools, especially given that it would likely mean that pandemic concerns had eased.

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Louise Hay, known as the Queen of self help, author of best selling self help book "You Can Heal Your Life" believed that loving the self was the ultimate gift we could give ourselves. Self is described as the foundation of her philosophy and is so powerful that it work miracles in our lives. "Life is a voyage of self discovery. To me, to be enlightened is to go within and to know who and what we really are, and to know that we have the ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of ourselves. " Louise L Hay. Join me on two 90 minute zoom workshops over two consecutive days where I will guide you through each of the steps, along with an opportunity for discussion and self reflection. Handouts will be provided, all you need to do is organise a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and bring along your journal/notepad, a pen, and a hand mirror. "I understand that I am responsible for my own actions during this workshop on zoom. I understand that this work is for self development and informational purposes only and is not intended to be therapy. Any need for professional therapeutic services must be secured outside of this group. ""I have just completed this workshop.

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