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It has all the usual accoutrements of the early passenger R24s; early square corner smokebox from built up angle iron, the Worsdell blower attached to the end of the separate handrail, destination brackets on the smokebox door and bunker, Holdens tank filler lids with leather seals, the condensing chamber on the tank top along with the U shaped tapered casting, copper connecting and vent pipes, and no coal rails on the bunker. The crew have moved the toolbox forward of the condensing pipes. Holdens tapered buffer casings are fitted. The passenger rated tanks had 10 spoke balanced wheels with a 10 crank throw which led to straight brake pull rods, the Westinghouse pump in the tank front exhausting into the smokebox, brake hoses and screw couplings, and finally the passenger livery of ultramarine blue, lined vermilion and bordered black. Photo As a result of an exponential growth in suburban passenger traffic in the 1890s, between 1894 and 1896 the number of passenger rated R24s doubled; orders N33, F36, Y36 and C37, consisting of ten engines a piece, were given running numbers 367 to 376, 377 to 386, 387 to 396 and 265 to 274, and these new batches exhibited visible modifications to the previous forty passenger locos, viz:The condensing chambers were now built into the tank tops and the side sheets were extended upwards from the cab for about three quarters of the length of the tank to cover them, the design incorporated a sultry characteristic curve downwards at the front end by the filler lid. Batch C37 received boilers with steel inner fireboxes from new, and as with the earlier B26 order retained safety valves on the firebox, but were the last to do so all future experiments with steel fireboxes would incorporate the safety valves on the back ring of the boiler.

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The word bomb itself will become reframed. Rather than associating bombs with militarism never touched upon by We Dont Have Time the word bomb will eventually become first and foremost associated with ratings, bad products, bad ideas and bad people. Such is the power of language and framing when combined with social engineering. Here, the behavioural economics of hatred can be weaponized a virtual new form of soft power. The Nicaraguan Sandinista government who did not sign onto the Paris Agreement because it is too weak and serves only Western interests could quickly become a pariah on the global stage as the West controls the stage. Already a target for destabilization, the soft power app would be applied as the ruling class sees fit. When one contemplates the non profit industrial complex, it must be considered the most powerful army in the world. Employing billions of staff, all inter connected, todays campaigns, financed by our ruling oligarchs can become viral in a matter of hours just by the interlocking directorate working together in unity toward a common goal to instil uniform thoughts and opinions, which gradually create a desired ideology. This is the art of social engineering. Conformity and emotive content as tools of manipulation has been and always will be the most powerful weapons in the Mad Mens toolbox. If 300, 000 people have already voted with climate hearts on a trending topic in under 48 hours it must be a great idea.

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Labourers in Cork, insofar as is known, did not migrate in large numbers like their brethren in Mayo and Donegal during the summer. However, there was a certain amount of internal migration by 1900 the vast majority of labourers lived and worked in an area of the county east of a line stretching from Kanturk in the north west to Macroom in the west to Bandon and Kinsale in the south. With this migration came a need for housing. Generally, housing of the labourer was left to the graces of the farmer or landlord who employed the worker. Many labourers, indeed, supported the landlords during the Land Wars of the 1880s for precisely the reason that they were better employers than the putative new gentry of peasant proprietors. Labourers who worked for large or medium sized tenant farmers were caught in a catch 22 situation: all too often their housing was poor mud hovels being a kind description!, and their employment precarious. In addition, if their putative employer was targeted as a land grabber, then they were caught between the twin clashing pillars of nationalism and labour. Land grabbers were the target of the local nationalist political organisation from 1898 the United Irish League and campaigns of social ostracisation were frequent. From 1894 labourers had their own collective organisation the Land and Labour Association, co founded by Tipperary solicitor James J OShee and Cork journalist Daniel D Sheehan. With the passing of the 1898 Local Government Ireland Act, powers previously the preserve of Dublin Castle were devolved to newly established county, urban and rural district councils. These included powers to raise money through levies rates paid by landlords and large tenant farmers.

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2. They tended to take the money from petty cash, or forge receipts and submit them for reimbursement. The activity was the kind of corner cutting and a possible violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that allowed Uber to grow at unimaginable velocity, but with breathtaking risk. The Department of Justice is investigating the matter, as well as other activity in Malaysia, China and India, according to financial filings. Ethics were not a hallmark of Ubers first decade. Once, in a meeting with staff, Mr. Kalanick was presented with a delicious new secret weapon by a handful of engineers on workation. A workation was an unofficial Uber tradition: Instead of taking time off to relax, employees would volunteer to spend a period working on any kind of project they wanted. According to two people familiar with the matter, a group of employees pitched a prototype Uber feature that would repurpose certain parts of a drivers smartphone specifically, the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect notifications that came from the app of Lyft, Ubers biggest competitor. If Uber knew that a driver worked for its rival, Uber could market itself differently to the driver to entice them away. In the meeting, the engineers described the project to managers, lawyers and Mr.

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