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One day per week was dedicated for the students to complete their animations. During this time, Harvey Krumpet creator and Oscar winner Adam Elliot visited the Year 6 students to provide them with information and special techniques and information regarding animation characters. The students were amazed with the work and passion that Adam Elliot had dedicated to his film and to what he had done during his career and they were grateful to have an Oscar winner provide them with ideas and techniques to use in their film. Adam Elliot promised to return at the end of the school year to watch the students Claymations and to present each group with an Oscar for Best Actor, Actress and Best Movie. Through engaging in Claymation activities students further enhance their vocabulary, sentence structure, artistic skills and team work and communication skills through working as part of a group and sharing ideas. Fine motor skills are also developed as are problem solving strategies that promote fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality, particularly as students must think creatively in writing, making and storyboarding their film SSJP, 2010. During todays workshop we were introduced to a range of web links that may be of great use to schools and which are of great value to students. The web links provide students with endless opportunities to develop and enhance their Information, Communication and technological skills. More importantly the links allow students access to resources, which may encourage students to be creative and which may improve their language, speaking and listening skills, whilst teaching them how to research using the internet, vital skills which will be essential throughout every students school and adult life. Travers, 2010. The first web link provided to the class by Greg was .

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