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672. We face the risk thatwe may not be able to access various capital sources including investors, lenders, or suppliers. Failure to access the equityor credit markets from any of these sources could have a material adverse effect on the Companys business, financial condition,results of operations, and future prospects. Persistent global economicconditions, particularly the scarcity of capital available to smaller businesses, could adversely affect us, primarily throughlimiting our access to capital and disrupting our clients businesses. In addition, continuation or worsening of generalmarket conditions in economies important to our businesses may adversely affect our clients level of spending and abilityto obtain financing, leading to us being unable to generate the levels of sales that we require. Current and continued disruptionof financial markets could have a material adverse effect on the Companys business, financial condition, results of operationsand future prospects. We may seek or need toraise additional funds. Our ability to obtain financing for general corporate and commercial purposes or acquisitions dependson operating and financial performance, and is also subject to prevailing economic conditions and to financial, business and otherfactors beyond our control. The global credit markets and the financial services industry have been experiencing a period of unprecedentedturmoil characterized by the bankruptcy, failure or sale of various financial institutions. An unprecedented level of interventionfrom the U. S.

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"As the world becomes more closely linked through economics, politics, technology, and culture a process called globalization, cities have come to play a leading role in transnational affairs, exceeding the limitations of international relations conducted by national governments. This phenomenon, resurgent today, can be traced back to the Silk Road, Phoenicia, and the Greek city states, through the Hanseatic League and other alliances of cities. Today the information economy based on high speed internet infrastructure enables instantaneous telecommunication around the world, effectively eliminating the distance between cities for the purposes of stock markets and other high level elements of the world economy, as well as personal communications and mass media. A global city, also known as a world city, is a prominent centre of trade, banking, finance, innovation, and markets. Saskia Sassen used the term "global city" in her 1991 work, The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo to refer to a city's power, status, and cosmopolitanism, rather than to its size. Following this view of cities, it is possible to rank the world's cities hierarchically. Global cities form the capstone of the global hierarchy, exerting command and control through their economic and political influence. Global cities may have reached their status due to early transition to post industrialism or through inertia which has enabled them to maintain their dominance from the industrial era. This type of ranking exemplifies an emerging discourse in which cities, considered variations on the same ideal type, must compete with each other globally to achieve prosperity. Critics of the notion point to the different realms of power and interchange. The term "global city" is heavily influenced by economic factors and, thus, may not account for places that are otherwise significant.

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Tom McCarron, senior vice president of the Mission Valley Project for SDSU, said it would increase the universitys academic space by 50%. The university also plans to build 4,600 units of housing, 80 acres of parkland, 400 hotel rooms and more than 13,000 parking spaces at the site. The stadium would be used primarily by the universitys football team. The final plans, though are subject to market forces, McCarron said. Mondays council meeting focused on 10 individual aspects of the sale and the future development. Some aspects displeased council members. The city is not a real estate developer, Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry said, of a proposal to increase affordable housing above the 10% level. Our job is not to micromanage the development of this site. Voters approved the sale of the stadium property, located at 9449 Friars Road, in November 2018. Measure G required any development to include some affordable housing for students and faculty. It also required a river park and transit friendly elements.

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Such time limit shall start to run from the date of the last signature by the arbitral tribunal or by the parties of the Terms of Reference or, in the case of application of Article 233, the date of the notification to the arbitral tribunal by the Secretariat of the approval of the Terms of Reference by the Court. The Court may fix a different time limit based upon the procedural timetable established pursuant to Article 242. 2The Court may extend the time limit pursuant to a reasoned request from the arbitral tribunal or on its own initiative if it decides it is necessary to do so. 1When the arbitral tribunal is composed of more than one arbitrator, an award is made by a majority decision. If there is no majority, the award shall be made by the president of the arbitral tribunal alone. 2The award shall state the reasons upon which it is based. 3The award shall be deemed to be made at the place of the arbitration and on the date stated therein. If the parties reach a settlement after the file has been transmitted to the arbitral tribunal in accordance with Article 16, the settlement shall be recorded in the form of an award made by consent of the parties, if so requested by the parties and if the arbitral tribunal agrees to do so. Article 34: Scrutiny of the Award by the Court Before signing any award, the arbitral tribunal shall submit it in draft form to the Court. The Court may lay down modifications as to the form of the award and, without affecting the arbitral tribunals liberty of decision, may also draw its attention to points of substance. No award shall be rendered by the arbitral tribunal until it has been approved by the Court as to its form.

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